Thursday, September 24, 2009

Planning Wedding Invitations - All the Possibilities For Wedding Invitations

Part of planning a wedding means selecting certain invitations. But, with so many options, how do you choose? Much like picking out wedding favors, many stick with the theme of the wedding when designing invitations. If you decide to go with a printing service for creating invitations, instead of making them by hand or on the computer, the printer or card designer will have several designs and templates to inspire you. Out of these, many are divided by colors, patterns, and types of paper used, as well as if you're planning a formal or casual wedding. If you're planning a themed wedding, such as a seasonal or destination wedding, many of designs or templates are in accord with your theme.

Themed weddings have become popular in recent years and, as a result, many wedding invitations cater to these weddings. While any type of theme is possible, some of the more common themes include seasonal, destination, and Las Vegas weddings. Seasonal weddings should be set during their appropriate season, and this includes beach weddings as an option for summer-themed weddings. Regardless of what theme you choose for your special day, the accompanying wedding invitations are decorated with relevant images, such as orange and brown leaves for a fall wedding or a starfish and seashell pattern for beach weddings. Patterns aside, some seasonal and themed wedding invitations keep it simple by sticking with a familiar color scheme. Either way, sending themed wedding invitations to your guests gives them a heads up about the theme for your wedding.

Not all weddings are themed, and other options exist for picking out invitations. As many options are out there, you can choose from different types of paper, patterns, adding photos into the design, and if the invitation will take a casual or formal approach. Formal wedding invitations are a multi-card affair with all cards, as well as the envelope, coordinated by color and pattern. In this case, the wedding invitation will have the formal invite, as well as information about and an RSVP card for the reception, a direction card, and a menu card. If your wedding isn't as formal, casual wedding invitations may be a better match, and these are simply the invitation card announcing the event and location.

Weddings are often prepared several months in advance. While sending out invitations a month or two ahead of time is perfectly acceptable, you might want your friends and relatives to mark their calendars at least five to six months in advance. In this instance, sending a Save-the-Date card is acceptable before sending out formal wedding invitations.

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