Thursday, September 24, 2009

7 Best Engagement Proposal Ideas

The best engagement proposal ideas are always the ones which are unique and special to the couple involved! So if you take an idea from the web or a magazine, you need to personalize it to you and your lady!

I hope you get some inspiration from some of my best engagement proposal ideas below!

1. Why not have an instant wedding? You'll need to be extra sure she'll say yes though! The laws in Hawaii are lenient and will allow for it, though you'll need to make the plans with a good hotel and the tourist board. When she says yes, maybe at dinner or on the beach, start the wedding at once!

2. Buy her three red roses. The first represents the past, the second the present and the final rose which has the ring tied to it is the future!

3. Arrange to go to a luxury spa for the full treatment followed by a private photo shoot in your best outfits. During the shoot go down on one knee and propose, you'll have the photos forever! Then go to a top restaurant followed by a night at a luxury hotel!

4. Tell your girl to meet you in the park at lunch time! Arrive a few minutes late riding a horse and donning a suit of armour. Swing from the horse and offer to be her prince! You could have a friend lurking in some nearby bushes playing Holst's "Jupiter" as you arrive!

5. Pick her up from work in a rented limo. Present her with a red rose and her favourite outfit to change into. Drive to the best restaurant in town and have them serve you in the limo! Play romantic music and propose over champagne for desert.

6. Recreate your first times for everything! Take a walk past where you met and have a picnic where you had your first picnic eating the first meal you ever cooked for her. Do this and propose while listening to your first ever song!

7. Blindfold her and take her down to an idyllic spot by a nice river! When you release the blindfold have a nice picnic set up, you could hide a bottle of champagne in the river!


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