Thursday, September 24, 2009

Find a 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake!

You're first anniversary is exciting, you're twentieth anniversary is exciting, but reaching the golden anniversary, fifty years, is something really special! An anniversary party is a must, but having another small wedding to renew your vows at fifty years is really memorable.

You can recapture the feeling that you had at your wedding fifty years ago and have the same cake made that you and your groom cut into then. What fun to have those two pictures side-by-side on the coffee table!

Perhaps you even saved your cake topper and can use it again. If not you may be able to have one replicated by showing a photo to a custom designer. You might even be able to find something strikingly similar online. You could easily top your cake with a gold number fifty or a gold heart.

The fiftieth anniversary is called the golden anniversary because you are supposed to receive gold gifts. Mark this special mile stone with a golden cake. A traditional white cake with gold accents will do the trick. There are even some desserts that are made with edible gold flakes. You may be able to have some of these worked into your cake or included in your icing. Think about including some violets either sugar or real, on your cake as these are the traditional flowers that are supposed to be given. If you do chose real violets you're in luck, they are edible!

Times they are a changin' and you and your spouse may want to change with them. Modernize you cake and have it baked in the shape of a fifty or have cupcakes in gold foil laid out to make a fifty. Having made it fifty years, your celebration should be everything it was fifty years ago and more!

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