Thursday, September 24, 2009

Party Favor Ideas For Your Bridal Shower

When planning a bridal shower, you don't want to forget the favors. It is not mandatory to give party favors, however, this is the least thing you can do to give thanks and show appreciation to your guests. Bridal shower favors doesn't need to be very expensive. Also, you don't have to stress yourself finding the best items at your local party shop. To make things easy for you, all you need to do is to plan ahead of time, and decide accordingly. Here are some party favor ideas you may consider to choose from.

* Bridal Shower Popcorn Cartons Favors - If you opt to celebrate your shower watching some of your favorite movies, well then these bridal shower popcorn cartons favors are a perfect gift for your bridesmaids and the rest of your guests! Celebrate your bridal shower with so much fun, by giving something sweet or salty treats.

* "Sew Perfect" Classic Houndstooth Sewing Kit Wedding Favors - Your guests will absolutely savor your craft with these cute sewing kit wedding favors! These impressive sewing kit favors come in a small size, perfectly fit in the pocket or purse. Each kit includes scissors, sewing needles, threader, a number of colored threads, pins, snaps, and extra buttons. Your guests will be armed everyday with this useful gift that will remind them of you each time they use it.

* "Read My Lips" Lipstick Pen & Sticky Notes Wedding Favor - For your very girly bridal shower, these sassy sticky notes favors are a fun and unique gift for each girl at the party. Packaged in a clever suitcase-shaped gift box, this chic lip pad and lipstick pen can make a unique present for your maid of honor and bridesmaids. Come in pink, female guests of all ages will absolutely adore this lip pad and lipstick pen bridal shower favor!

* "Dreams Do Come True" Satin Eye Mask Favors - You are sure to impress your guests with the simple luxury carried by these adorable eye mask favors. These masks favors are a fun way of saying "thank you" to your bridesmaids who have always been there for you through thick and thin. You will love the idea of giving these adorable gifts if you are planning to have a slumber party, or even a spa themed bridal shower.

* "Love-sicle" Lightly Scented Popsicle Soap Favors - Perfect for a beach themed shower, this scented Popsicle-like soap favors won't melt even if under the heat of sun. You would surely love the idea of having a galvanized buckets on the center of your tables, filled with colorful Popsicle soaps, that your guests can pick up before leaving the party.

* Manicure Set Bridal Shower Favors - Love traveling? These travel size manicure set favors are a perfect grooming gift for each your party guests who also travels from time to time. Going somewhere far or not, these grooming favors will surely appreciated by your guests!

You can find these cool bridal shower favors both at local and online stores. But if you'd like a more wider choices, check out the Internet and visit different online stores that specializes on wedding supplies and wedding reception accessories.

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